Come, my dear! Let's go somewhere cosy! Outside, amongst the innards?

The Project


What we're looking for: the soul. What we're not gonna find: the soul. It'd be pretty wild if we did.


Body and soul. Sounds a bit trite. And it is. Even the idea of trying to track the soul down comes off as grandiose. But grandeur and delusion actually seem well suited to the subject matter. Especially if we really want to find out: what, exactly? How much ego the world can endure. How much ego the soul needs. And how much body the ego requires. Whether we can economize here and make space for potential. In any case, we have to set out on our search; for meaning, if necessary. Just another cliché about the soul, you say.


Sometimes, however, the soul happily makes itself known amongst a cluster of scratched-at moquito bites. But does anybody even want to scratch that itch? And who's gonna do the scratching?

The website draussen­bei­den­inner­ ollects performative approaches to the soul and its body. Here (outside) an inner world reveals itself: a virtual space of thought and movement composed of linguistic flourishes and visual art, of music and light.

Käthe Kopf takes the mind-body problem at face value—while also taking it apart. She’s looking to find out the extent to which the soul can be thought of as interpersonal. This sends her off in search of a counterpart, and in the process she encounters a range of objects created expressly for this project—some with a mind of their own. A combination of soulful and not-so-soulful dialogues plunges us down a rabbit-hole that offers no ready escape. But that’s hardly surprising. Good thing we’re not alone! 

In Body and Soul, Or: Outside Amongst the Innards Kopf negotiates her competing perspectives as choreographer, author, and doctor. An intensive dialogue with visual artist Lena Kiss has produced a scenography streaked with the traces of a collective working process centred around various conceptions of the soul and the imperatives of daily life that make their mark on it. The different objects present on stage become figures of attachment populating a lively landscape composed of an array of materials, proportions, and figurations: up here, an elevated leg regards us from mid-air, while over there a melancholy flying carpet is preparing for take-off. The result is a performance comprised of things, (textual) bodies, and (spiritual) states that leaves unresolved the question of the order of their appearance.

Through this performance we will also uncover what connects us—and whether we’re still interested in growing closer to one another. 

A project by Käthe Kopf funded by the Haupt­stadt­kultur­fonds.

Friendly support by Uferstudios, ada Studio and Tanzfabrik Berlin.

Come, my dear! Let's go somewhere cosy! Outside, amongst the innards?

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